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The News-Intelligence System

A Newsdesk Editorial System, AccessNews enhances the economics of Internet-Intranet newsletters, while enabling the delivery of customized content. Applying information-management technologies and open-source intelligence processes to multiple sources of news and database content, it contains the tools to:

  • eliminate duplicate and superficial content;

  • relate what’s significant to specific points of subscriber interest.


It thus enables the efficient delivery to busy subscribers of not only the top news they need to know but also highly relevant, customized alerts on the particular companies, markets, people, products and countries they also follow.


In the AccessNews Newsdesk Editorial System, human editorial judgment is integrated with state-of-the-art news filtering, name identification and topic categorization technologies. Raw content from a broad array of Sources is filtered through News-Intelligence Software. The stories selected are then edited in a News Room by live analysts: first, to eliminate what's redundant, dated and superficial; second, by applying a proprietary Access-developed Editorial Standard, to relate what's new, fresh and significant to specific points of end-user interest - to deliver news end-users can use. From the Indexed News Feed thus produced, transmitted via Electronic-mail Networks to Subscribers, can be extracted content more closely tailored to end-user information needs than can be produced by any other content customization system in the market today.

So produced, both top news and highly relevant, customized alerts can be delivered:

  • to whatever scale audience desired, from multi-site enterprise groups to    single individuals;

  • in real-time or on a periodic basis;

  • to whatever receiving platforms recipients specify


To serve the corporate and legal markets, two extensions of AccessNews have been developed: Access Corporate News and Access Legal News.

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