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Systems Overview

Combining human editorial judgment with the latest information-management technologies, AccessNews and its extensions reflect a new paradigm in Newsdesk Editorial Systems. 

In the first step, the Sources of raw content are selected. These are then routinely processed through News Intelligence Software containing news filtering, name identification and topic categorization technologies readily available from well-established vendors. 

Editors in a real-time News Room screen the stories thus identified to eliminate duplicate and superficial content, regardless of source. After desk-editing into succinct reports, they weight each item for significance. The editors then apply a proprietary, Access-developed Editorial Standard, based on a taxonomy/thesaurus of proper names and common industry terms. Updated dynamically to stay abreast of the newest and most recent changes and the most current usage, this Editorial Standard, applied to current news, enables editors to link reports related to each other and to end-user subscribers’ specific points of interest.

Link to Systems Diagram

Once produced, this Indexed News Feed is transmitted via Electronic-mail Networks to end-user Subscribers. Using software incorporating the same proprietary Editorial Standard, recipients can then extract content specifically tailored to their information needs. Installed at either the head-end or at the desktop, employing proper names and industry terms commonly understood and easily adjusted by any level business and professional person, this software can refine the relevance of this content to specific points of interest-as these change, with the news, over time-like no other in the market today. 

To close the circle, the system can include a built-in natural language search engine which with a simple click on any report of special interest, can bring up a multi-tier analysis and retrieve the full-text of highly relevant reference information from a wide range of archived sources.

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