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Support Team


Assembled to help implement AccessNews and its extensions, AccessCorporateNews  and AccessLegalNews, is a Support Team of individuals who previously held editorial, publishing and production positions with Dow Jones, the Electronic Newsstand, Montgomery Securities-NewsMax, The New Republic, Reuters and TIME Magazine:

Jeffrey L. Dearth - Business Development Consultant. As managing director of the media investment banking firm DeSilva & Phillips, he has been deeply involved in the convergence of traditional publishing with the Internet. Previously he held senior executive positions with The Internet Co. and MecklerMedia. In 1993, when President/Publisher of The New Republic magazine, he founded The Electronic Newsstand, considered one of the first successful commercial content sites on the Web. He began his news publishing career on the advertising side of TIME Magazine.

Charles F. Russell - News and Information Management Consultant. Currently engaged as a systems consultant in news management and production, he was Vice President - Technology of Dow Jones until December 1998. In this and earlier positions he was intimately involved in the design and installation of the systems employed to support Dow Jones newsroom editors and to produce the DowVision Indexed News Feed, a principal source of the custom news products offered by NewsEdge and other vendors.

Ian W. Thomson - News and Information Management Consultant. Currently engaged in news and information systems programming, he previously bore for six years direct responsibility for the NewsMax Indexed News Feed. Developed by San Francisco-based Montgomery Securities to filter and categorize some of the same sources as NewsEdge and Bloomberg News, it competed directly against those firms’ custom news products in securities trading room applications.

Joey K. Tuttle - Chief Technology Consultant. As the former CTO of the custom news service vendor, Premier Data, he has a rich experience in the design and installation of news filtering and distribution systems. He was previously Vice President - Research for Reuters, the international news and information group, and before that Vice President - Development and Operations for I. P. Sharp, a global vendor of business and econometric databases.  He began his career at IBM in network management.

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